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Future & Beyond

setembre 18, 2023 - setembre 20, 2023


Future & Beyond is a 4-day online event where engineering students and companies from the aerospace sector will find the best opportunity to gather together and share opinions, experiences and discussions about current affairs inside the industry.

In this event, your company will find the best environment to recruit your future employees, claim your projects, find collaboration possibilities with other companies and much more.



Day 1 (18th of September 2023) – Soft Skills Trainings

These trainings will lead students to have a more successful job interview and improve their CV.

The trainings will be delivered by the EUROAVIA Training System and external trainers from companies and other organizations.

Collaborating in the event by providing a soft skills trainer implies a free invitation for your company to the Roundtables.

Day 2 and 3 (19th and 20th of September 2023) – Roundtables

Students and companies will be both able to contact directly with each other.

By participating in this activity you can improve your network, talk with another company’s representative, share ideas, and take advantage of a presentation (30 minutes) and a Q&A session (15 minutes).

Day 4 (21st of September 2023) – B2B & B2S Meetings

At the Business to Businessmeeting your company can share its projects, improve its network and find endless collaboration and partnership possibilities.

At the Business to Students you will have the opportunity to discuss with young people with fresh ideas, teach the company’s goalsand explain the possibilities inside the job market.

If you want to know more about the event and how to apply, contact us at

In the button below you can find the Applications and Cancellation rules.

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setembre 18, 2023
setembre 20, 2023
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